Sunday, January 2, 2011

Well, It's that time of year...

The time of year when you re-think the past year and plan for the future one.
The thought of making “resolutions” gets me a little excited but at the same time I dread it too. Why is it something I dread? I don’t know exactly…maybe because I know they likely won’t stick…or because sticking to a plan is not my strong suit…but probably because I don’t find looking at my faults, bad habits, and shortcomings very fun. Who does? We already know we aren’t perfect, but who needs that little reminder? Sheesh!
So why does making “resolutions” get me excited? Because although I’m not good at sticking to a plan, I’m a GREAT planner! (ha- the irony!) Because New Years are about fresh starts- I could use one of those! But most importantly, because making “resolutions” requires you to look at the past. And doing that reminds me how incredibly blessed I am! Who doesn’t need that?

Do YOU make New Years resolutions?

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