Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Resolutions Released!

Whew! Well, I did it- made my “resolutions.” And even added steps to obtaining them (but I won't bore you with those)! Now to just follow through…not my strong suit.
So, I don’t really like the term resolutions. To me it implies “these are not going to last, I just wasted my time working on this, you can’t resolve this many bad habits at one time…” and the list goes on.
 I prefer the term “goals.” Goals I can handle. Goals imply “trying to improve, a work in progress, I’m not perfect but I am able to do better….” Without goals or some sort of direction we wander through life, frustrated with the way things are and no means to alleviate it. That can really weigh one down!
Now, I’m a realistic person. In fact, I consider myself a realist. So I’m aware that I may not accomplish ¾ of this list and I’m okay with that. But at least I have direction, a focus. It’s away to alleviate those frustrations when they happen…which they will. Then I’ll remember, “I had a plan for this.” At that moment, I’ll feel in control- and that’s a great feeling!
Wow, this is a big list….I’m feeling very ambitious this year! Wish me luck :)

1- Be more healthy
2- Have a more consistent bedtime routine     
3- Stick to a weekly routine for housekeeping        
4- Form closer relationships with my husband and with my son
1- Spend less time watching TV & sitting at the computer
2- Spend more time reading together
3- Be more active together
4- Have baby #2!
5- Have a family devotion time several times a week

1- Spend time daily with God
2- Begin (and finish!) a Bible study 
3- Read scripture daily    
4- Consider a way I can be serving others on a consistent basis

The Little Man
1-Stick to a bedtime routine- meaning get to bed on time!
2-Be consistent with chores

3-Introduce an allowance (and how to use it wisely!)
4-Work on first time obedience

1-Make library trips more often
2- Allow more time for art

And the most important step in obtaining all these goals is to pray! Without Him, I can do none of this.

What's YOUR New Years goals?

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